Fadli to the top of google search

This post i made to reclaim google search result for word fadli. I was searching in google several time to check the word of fadli (my name like this domain name fadli.net) potition but can’t find it for top of 10 page.

In year 2011 when i search word fadli my site fadli.net was in first page result of this google but now on this change too much as the result refer to one of indonesian politician who was booming when he was elected as one of the indonesian people’s representatives. I would not mention his name because it just make him more popular.

How to reclaim it? Become popular to beat other competitive in this battle word. But it’s seen impossible. First project to start it, is to make a post from this site about word fadli and playing google alogarithm, strengthening with backlinks and share to attract traffic and wait for the effect.

Hope fadli became mine pride sooner or later. Support me buddy.

I will put one image in this post and some in other place in this site, to boost search engine from images search result

I will update the progress and if this experiment work.

Word fadli counted 5 (include one in bold)


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